National Contest Miss Ukraine 2022

Contest “Miss Ukraine” cooperates with
the international center for support of women and children "MISTO DOBRA"

The prize fund of the winners of the contest "Miss Ukraine 2023" will be used for the needs of the International Center for the Support of Women and Children "Misto Dobra", which hosts children and mothers who have suffered due to the war, lost their homes or become victims of violence. The rest of the money will be collected thanks to the help of donations collected by the participants of the "Miss Ukraine 2023" competition.


Miss Ukraine 2023

Sofia Shamia

19 y.o., Kyiv region

Miss Earth Ukraine 2023

Anastasia Feier

21 y.o. , Zakarpattia region

Miss Ukraine International 2023

Sofiia Zghoba

18 y.o. , Lviv region