Casting of the Miss Ukraine-2021
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You can change your life as it was done by Miss Ukraine 1995 Vlada Litovchenko, Miss Ukraine 1998 Elena Spirina, Miss Ukraine 2001 Alexandra Nikolaenko, Miss Ukraine 2004 Lesia Matveeva-Partskhaladze, Miss Ukraine 2009 Lika Roman and other Ukrainian beauties! Take part in the casting right now and you will get an interesting life, full of new experiences, shootings for top glossy magazines, shows, movies and TV, participation in grand sports and charity projects as well as new interesting acquaintances, events, activities and incredible prospects! Those who were TV stars yesterday are now your friends and mentors who share their experiences and inspire you to achieve the highest goals and plans! It depends only on you how you will use it all – live life to the fullest! One moment can change all your life! You deserve to be the next Miss Ukraine 2017!

Requirements for participants
  • Age 17-24 years
  • Height 170 cm
  • Ukrainian citizenship
  • Not married previously or currently
  • No children
  • No previous conviction, no bad habits