An open casting of the pageant "Miss Lviv - 2021" and the national contest "Miss Ukraine-2021" took place in Lviv

Miss Ukraine | An open casting of the pageant

The other day in the "Glory Cafe" there was an open casting for "Miss Lviv - 2021" and "Miss Ukraine-2021".  About 200 girls came to prove that they deserve to participate in the pageant.

The selection was done in stages, with the 50 most deserving applicants moving on to the next round. The winner of the Miss Lviv competition will compete in the national Miss Ukraine - 2021 pageant. The participants astounded the jury with their talents and eccentricities: several girls decided to sing drip, while others demonstrated their flexibility by sitting on a split.

Veronika Shchiptsova, the head of the Miss Ukraine committee, and Valeria Nikiforets, the owner of “the Miss Lviv” pageant , were among the members of the jury. Yulia Gotsak, owner of the crown and title "Miss Lviv - 2020," also came to support the contestants.

“I know that in Lviv, you can meet girls with unusual and interesting appearances. I am delighted that the participants here are not only beautiful, but also kind, open, and talented. "Perhaps we'll meet the girl who will be Miss Ukraine-2021 right here." - Veronika Shchiptsova observes.

“It was the brightest casting in the history of casting in Lviv,” Valeria Nikiforets says. “I was very pleased to hear that Veronika Shchiptsova, as the head of the Miss Ukraine national committee, noted not only the beauty of Lviv women, but their erudition and manners.” "I hope that the current "Miss Ukraine" will be a woman from Lviv again this year."

At the end of the event, the participants held a raffle for gifts, including certificates from the perfume partner BROCARD Niche Bar, jewelry from the jewelry and stylish accessories store “Casablanca”, and “Miss Princess” certificates.

The pageant's information partners are the weekly sociopolitical magazine "Focus," the women's magazine "MarieClaire," and the social life information portal "Jetsetter."

We would like to remind you that the Miss Ukraine-2021 open castings were also held in Odessa and Kharkiv. If you want to win the country's main crown, a cash prize of 500 thousand hryvnia, and contracts with world-class modeling agencies, fill out the form right now on the official Miss Ukraine website www.missukraine.ua and come to the next auditions!