Ukraine at Miss World 2015

Miss Ukraine | Ukraine at Miss World 2015

In less than a month the Grand Final of Miss World 2015 will take place in Sanya, People's Republic of China. Miss World is the first official international beauty pageant on the planet. It was first held on 15 April 1951 in London.

Today the live broadcast of the final is aired to more than 150 countries. The final show is the greatest in the world, covering the audience of more than 200 countries. The total audience reaches 2 billion people.

120 contestants will bid for the Miss World crown on 19 December 2015. They will appear before the judges, guests of the event and TV audience of the whole planet on the magnificent stage of The Beauty Crown Grand Theatre.

The grand complex will become the residence of the pageant for the 6th time. One of the biggest arenas in the world with 3,500-seat theatre is 36 meters high and covers about 10,000 square meters. The crown-shaped arena was specially built for the Miss World pageant in one of the most inspiring places on the planet in 2003. Beauty Crown Hotel Complex, on the territory of which The Beauty Crown Grand Theatre is situated, is declared behind the scenes to be seven-star.

The world architectural landmark Beauty Crown Hotel Complex consists of nine buildings in the shape of holy trees and is considered to be the masterpiece of architecture and modern art. It is equipped with a record number of nearly 7,000 guest rooms.

Sanya is located on Hainan Island on the South coast of China and is known as the tropical gateway to China. The resort boasts exotic landscapes as well as pristine beaches. Hainan annual golf championships gather the most famous Hollywood celebrities. Last year championship united Evgeni Plushenko, Jessica Alba, Morgan Freeman and Nicole Kidman.

Today everyone has a chance to play with celebrities on the same course!

The 108 meters statue of Guan Yin Goddess, warm tropical climate all year round, exotic nature are far from complete list of everything that makes Sanya an ideal place for the final competition between the most beautiful girls of the world.

Ukraine will be represented by a 18-year-old Kristina Stoloka from Kiev, the winner of the national pageant Miss Ukraine 2015, which was held on 22 September in Kiev. Kristina confessed that visiting China and getting acquainted with the country's culture was her longed-for dream.

The girl leads a healthy lifestyle and actively advocates it, heading the sport social organization. Kristina's hobbies include extreme sports, wakeboarding and beadwork. She also cooperates with some charity funds and initiates projects in support of premature babies.

In recent years contestants have been actively involved in charity attracting society's attention to important problems. Miss World is not just a beauty pageant, it is “Beauty with a Purpose”. The contestants are presented as messengers of peace and not only as beautiful women.

Kristina and other contestants of Miss World will arrive in China on 21 November. According to the rules of the pageant contestants' staying during the preparatory period is strictly recorded and scheduled (for about 30 days). The girls are guarded round the clock and the access to them is restricted. 3 or 5 days before the Grand Final directors of national beauty pageants arrive to see the final show and support their contestant who they can meet only in the presence of a representative of Miss World Directorate.

You can follow the report of the preparation for the Miss World Final on the official resources of the National Committee Miss Ukraine: