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Participation in the charity project Neterplyachki

Miss Ukraine | Participation in the charity project Neterplyachki

Each year more than 500 thousand babies are born in Ukraine. 23 thousand of them are born earlier than planned. Unfortunately, this problem in some way become personal for me, because few of my close friends have faced it... The goal of the charity project "Neterplyachki" with charity foundation Svichado is to help the premature infants. The amount of these babies become bigger and bigger day by day, month by month… Probably they are willing to see the world so much that they cannot wait and born prematurely. Such babies need special care and support from us, adults...because their weight is often not more than 500 grams. The main purpose of the project is not only to draw people’s attention to the current problem, but to raise funds for the necessary medical equipment to hospitals, where such babies are cared.

You can help babies here

Together with CEO of Miss Ukraine National Committee Irina Kopanitsa Miss Ukraine-2015 Kristina Stoloka attended OKHMATDET medical center in order to visit small patients and communicate with the medical staff, who cares for them with a pure heart. Beautiful women have magical power, always attract attention and have a big impact on public opinion! So, who if not us could bonify and attract people to help those who need it and who are still too small and defenseless to stand up for themselves! I believe that it is our responsibility as public people! Please do not forget to take a photo wearing something purple (symbol of premature infants) with the hashtags ‪#‎Нетерплячки‬ ‪#‎PrematureAwarenessinUkraine‬