Presentation of the candidates of Miss Ukraine 2019 contest.

Miss Ukraine | Presentation of the candidates of Miss Ukraine 2019 contest.

Presentation of the candidates of Miss Ukraine 2019 contest.
Presentation of the candidates of Miss Ukraine 2019 contest.

An official presentation of candidates for participation in the national beauty contest "Miss Ukraine-2019" took place on June 26 in Kiev. 50 beauties from all over Ukraine defiled on the catwalk of the restaurant complex Queen, which became the official and exclusive partner of the event. But it should be emphasized that only 25 of these girls will compete for the main crown of the country in the final.

Before the official part of the event, the guests of the festival had the opportunity to enjoy incredible views of the capital, freely communicating with the participants and organizers of the competition.

The presentation began with a bright magnetic performance-performance by actors of the “Cartoon” theater, during which guests saw the country's main crown - the coveted reward of the participants in a fierce struggle. This year, at the initiative of the competition committee, for the first time since 1991, its exclusive restoration was carried out. The unique decoration shone with a new light, commensurate with the beauty of the contestants.

The presenter was Vladimir Poluyev, better known as the TV host of the main political talk show of the country "Pulse" on the TV channel "112 Ukraine". Elegant jokes and easy communication provided the event with ease and created a homely cozy atmosphere. Volodymyr easily reincarnated from a serious political referee, whom the Ukrainian audience was used to seeing, into a magic gentleman, who could immediately fall in love with the participants of the show even before going on stage.


The star guests delighted those present with bright and incendiary performances - incredible singer Indira and sexy Anna Dobrydneva. There were no surprises: the partners of the contest, Zarina Jewelry House, Miss Diamond brand and Keune Haircosmetic Ukraine, a manufacturer of professional cosmetics for hair care, raffled gifts among the guests, and three lucky ones became owners of their branded products.

Of course, the "highlight" of the holiday was the announcement of 50 participants in the contest "Miss Ukraine-2019". Alternately, in the light of spotlights, the most worthy challengers appeared on the scene, and soon they would start fighting for the main crown of the country. The director of the Miss Ukraine contest, Victoria Kioso, noted the unprecedented number of applications received this year from those who wish to take part in the contest. Each of the contestants presented at the presentation is the result of disputes and a difficult choice of the organizing committee, proof of dedication and perseverance towards the goal of its participants. That is why each of them is already a winner. However, the crown and the coveted title gets only one girl, whose name will be known in the finals of the competition.

The bright atmosphere of the summer presentation and the incredible concentration of beautiful women in the Queen restaurant will be remembered by guests for a long time. However, the girls have a lot of trials ahead, during which the organizers of the contest “Miss Ukraine” will once again demonstrate that beauty is a force that with its various manifestations can save the world.