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Presentation of the national costume, evening dress for the contest "Miss World"

Miss Ukraine | Presentation of the national costume, evening dress for the contest

On 19 November, 2015 in one of the best places in Kiev, ELIZIY restaurant, there was the presentation of the national costume, evening gowns, the national souvenir and gifts for the international contest Miss World 2015. It is symbolic that this presentation took place in Eliziy restaurant which is the only restaurant in Europe in the style of an exotic island. The oceanarium, tropical trees, birds-of-paradise and the waterfall give an opportunity to feel as if you were at some exotic resort. The restaurant greatly reminds of the place where Christina Stoloka has gone to compete for the victory at the beauty contest Miss World and the final of which will be held in the Chinese city of Sanya, which is considered to be the Chinese Maldives.

The guests at the restaurant were welcomed by the Executive Director of the National Committee Miss Ukraine Irina Kopanitsa. A lot of Ukrainian showbiz celebrities and journalists came to wish Christina Stoloka good luck and say some parting words on this day. The event was visited by a world-famous Ukrainian artist Alexander Klymenko, talented dancers, choreographers and creators of the national dance for the contest Miss World 2015 Alena Shoptenko and Dmitrii Dikusar, Natalia Nadtochii, Elena Rozhkova (Olympic ballet Red Foxes), the First Runner Up Miss Ukraine 2015 Elina Rudenko, the Second Runner Up Miss Ukraine 2015 Feride Ibragimova, Miss Ukraine 1995 Vlada Litovchenko, Miss Ukraine 2000 Alena Shcherban, Miss Ukraine 2007 Lika Roman, Charity Foundation Svіchado who are the partners in the charity project Neterpliachki and together with whom Miss Ukraine 2015 helps premature babies. A popular broadcaster and restaurateur Evgenii Tishchenko and Miss Ukraine 2009 Eugene Tulchevskaya sent Christina Stoloka their warm video wishes.

The national costume for Miss Ukraine 2015 Christina Stoloka was sewn by the Ukrainian brand Charodeyki and its founder Alena Klepko. Within the framework of the brand Charodeyki, which goal is to create an image of a modern Ukrainian, there appeared a desire to create a special image in which Cristina will represent our country in China. The image of a Ukrainian beauty is identified with the image of a dynamic development of our country, which is achieved with the help of a blue silk dress and bright flowers on its background with the use of Swarovski crystals. Blue color symbolizes the sky, eternity, constancy and loyalty. It is considered to be the color of peace and deep reflection. Heraldic blue color indicates virtue, honesty, glory and devotion. The color spectrum of the dress embroidery in combination with the fabric color creates an elegant and aristocratic image. We replaced the familiar embroidery typical of western regions of Ukraine (solid embroidered stripes) with big folds and the elements of bead embroidery. The embroidery of the main part of the dress resembles the traditional Petrikovska painting which colors symbolize beauty, life, youth and femininity. The accessories with the motifs of Maria Primachenko’s works and heroes of Ukrainian fairy tales by Ukrainian TM Dyvo complement the image of the national costume.

Dress fabric: Italian tussore silk 

Embroidery materials: beads, Swarowski crystals

Evening gowns for the contest Miss World were created by a Ukrainian designer Ekaterina Lukashik who specializes in sewing exquisite dresses. The designer has created more than 10 images for Christina Stoloka. Today Ekaterina Lukashik is the author and creator of her own corset technology which defining feature is modeling corsets with unique properties of tightening to 20 cm. The main purpose of the designer was to form a silhouette with the accent on femininity. Creating evening dresses for Christina Stoloka, Ekaterina Lukashik used high-quality materials such as lace, silk, leather, knitwear of noble colors, natural stones and Swarovski crystals. All dresses have energetically strong colors. These are colors of trust, pride, tenderness and victory. Wearing such a dress, a girl becomes a beauty model, she attracts glances of people. Her beauty can be compared with a beautiful scent of some expensive perfume. Such dresses are beyond fashion and time. These are dresses for a special occasion. Evening dresses designed by Ekaterina Lukashik are highly appreciated by Ukrainian celebrities, regular customers from the USA, Italy, and the United Arab Emirates. Among her clients are Miss World 2011, Little Miss World 2015, the finalists of the TV show Little Giants and others.

The National souvenir from Ukraine, which Christina Stoloka brought to the international beauty contest Miss World, was a painting of a Ukrainian artist Irina Tretiak entitled Ukraine. The work Ukraine symbolizes freedom, purity, space and untouched nature. The field of wheat, the clear blue sky... The author’s individual figurative technique creates a deep visual effect. The painting was a present from Vlada Litovchenko. The competition of national souvenirs is an old tradition at the international beauty contest Miss World. All participants, who represent more than 120 countries this year, bring national souvenirs with them, which are sold at an auction and the raised funds are directed to charitable purposes for the protection of children.

Another unusual gift that Christina Stoloka brought to the international beauty contest Miss World in China was a rare album Picturesque Ukraine, presented by the publishing house Summit Book. This gift will become an exhibit at the museum of Miss World Organizing Committee in London, as all participants starting from this year will bring a book or a photo album of their country. Picturesque Ukraine is one of the brightest and most complete photo albums of Ukraine, which includes more than 400 photos of the best country’s photographers (Y. Buslenko, V. Khmara, V. Lander). The book was published under the patronage of the first Prime Minister of Ukraine Vitold Fokin and replicated in Germany in 1997. Today this photo album is a very rare edition.

Jewelry for Christina Stoloka is provided by a Ukrainian accessories designer Elena Romanova (brand HELENA ROMANOVA). Creating the headdress Siren for the contest, Elena was inspired by the Greek myth about sirens that were believed to be half-women and half-birds and have magnificent voices. Designer’s favorite materials are metal, leather and natural stone. Jewelry by HELENA ROMANOVA is very popular among the stars of Ukrainian show business. The designer also cooperates with the Ukrainian clothing brands such as Tago, Cathy Telle, Uber love.

Sanya City in China, which will held the grand final of Miss World 2015, is considered to be the Chinese Maldives thanks to its warm sea, gentle sunshine and endless beaches. Chain stores of women's underwear and swimwear Belle Femme helped Christina Stoloka look awesome and noteworthy on the beaches and near the pools. They provided Miss Ukraine 2015 with luxury swimwear by such brands as Touche, Bipbip and Toccata. Actress and model Gigi Hadid was shot in swimsuits by Touche. Today the monokini by Touche with a large flounce of bright red color will inject a note of grace and passion in the beach image of Christina. Following the fashion trend for floral prints Miss Ukraine 2015 chose the one-piece swimsuit by Bipbip in a retro style with a red belt on a waist that emphasizes the beauty of the curves and the bandeau by Toccata which combines seduction and perfection of the lines.

Shoe partner for Miss Ukraine– Antonio Biaggi

Fitness partner for Miss Ukraine – Tsarsky City Resort

Beauty partner – Beauty salon Hyogo fleur

Miss Ukraine casual clothing at the beauty contest Miss World: ТМ Charodeyki, ТМ TAGO

You can see all the photos from the events in the photo album on our official Facebook page.