Presentation of evening dresses for international contests

Miss Ukraine | Presentation of evening dresses for international contests

On October 5, 2017, the presentation of the evening dresses and casual wardrobe for Miss World-2017, Miss International-2017 and Miss Earth-2017 took place in COIN restaurant in Kyiv. Miss Ukraine 2017 Polina Tkach will represent our country at Miss World 2017 on November, 18 in Sanya, China. Miss Ukraine International Ksenia Chifa will represent our country at Miss International 2017 contest on November, 14 in Tokyo, Japan and Miss Ukraine Earth Diana Mironenko at the Miss Earth 2017 contest, the final of which will be held on November, 4 in the Philippines.

Guests, contest judges and journalists gathered together in the press-cocktail to wish good luck to Polina Tkach, Ksenia Chifa and Diana Mironenko. CEO Miss Ukraine National Committee Irina Kopanitsa met guests at the restaurant COIN.

Miss Ukraine 2016 Oleksandra Kucherenko, who represented Ukraine in the Miss World 2016, was the first who wished luck to the contestants: "I wish the girls to show themselves at the competitions as much as possible. This is your super chance in your life. Pay special attention to the talent competition. The most important thing is to find mutual understanding with the rest of the participants". After her wishes, the casting director of Miss Ukraine National Committee Yelizaveta Chepel, the representative of the "Book of Records of Ukraine" Oleh Ivanenko, the actor Yuri Tkach, with his dance partner in the project "Dancing with the Stars" Ilona Hvozdeva, Miss Ukraine International 2016 Victoria Kiose, designers Kateryna Lukashyk and Julia Aysina, director of new Ukrainian animated film "Mavka. The forest song» Alexandra Ruban, the founder of cheerleading Olympic team ReD Foxes Olena Rozhkova wished the girls to proudly bear the name of our country and return only with a victory. The partner and friend of Miss Ukraine National Committee - the People's Artist Volodymyr Kozyuk said a lot of warm words and specially came to the event from Vinnitsa.

The first presentation of all three contestants was in national dresses created by Julia Magdych. The head was decorated with wreath from the VESNA accessories brand - the Ukrainian brand of exclusive handmade jewelry.

In a pause between the changes of clothes Polina Tkach intrigued all the guests with a fragment of her dance program under the legendary song by Doris Day "Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps", which will be presented at the talent contest during Miss World 2017 Final.

The evening gown for Miss Ukraine 2017 Polina Tkach is created by Ukrainian brand Kateryna Lukashyk. The dress for the final of Miss World 2017 is beige-golden color with a large lush skirt and modeling corset. "After visiting China in 2015 at Miss World 2015, I thought about how to create not just a beautiful sparkling dress, but a dress with a certain mission, which will be the standard of femininity and conclude in its idea the symbol of our country. The well-known symbol of Ukraine is the spikelets of bread, harvest and fertility. We applied them with the special coating on the modeling corset with special prints. In this dress, the girl seems to be transferred to the era of royal times and luxurious outfits! "- tells about the idea of ​​the dress Kateryna Lukashyk.

More than 200 hours of manual work and more than 30 meters of fabric specially ordered from Italy have been spent on sewing this dress. On the stage, under the rays of soffits, this dress is beautifully shining.

The designers of Dominiss brand created a luxurious outfit called Butterfly Love for Miss Ukraine International 2017 Ksenia Chifa. Only handwork was used - embroidery with stones, beads and more than 1000 flying butterflies fluttering on a train of 2.5 meters long, which were painstakingly created by experienced craftsmen only by hand.

Miss Ukraine Earth Diana Mironenko at Miss Earth 2017 will be in an exclusive evening dress from the brand AYSINA from a specially designed capsule collection in India for Miss Ukraine 2017. Several hundred seamstresses from India, created fabrics and embroidered them manually with beads according to the author's sketches created by the designer. The dress was being created for 3 months. Julia Aysina is sure that the energy message of this dress is programmed only to win.

In addition to the competition of the evening dress and the national costume, this year Miss Earth-2017 contest will contain the Superhero costume competition on the topic of ecology and environmental protection.

The image of Diana Mironenko is inspired by Mavka, the defender and soul of the forest, the main character of the future Ukrainian animated film “Mavka. The forest song”. The cartoon will be released in 2019. The dress, which will be on Diana, is designed by Olha Navrotska and is included in the capsule collection of MAVKA. The outfit combines elements of national visual symbols and mythology, natural motifs. The cartoon "Mavka. The forest Song" is based on the Ukrainian Lesja Ukrainka's play The forest Song and is based on Ukrainian myths and cultural traditions. The plot will be understood by the widest audience all over the world, but at the same time it contains the charm and originality of Slavic authenticity, which will bring to the audience something new, original and still not disclosed in the world of animation. Mission of the cartoon "Mavka. The forest Song" is closely intertwined with the main mission of Miss Earth contest, the participants of which present projects to improve the environmental situation both at the global and regional levels. The animation film draws attention to environmental problems: deforestation of Ukrainian forests and the disappearance of an increasing number of representatives of Ukrainian flora and fauna, and also helps to convey the importance and urgency of environmental problems to the younger generation, in whose hands the future of the planet is. One of the creative solutions of the creators of the cartoon is the introduction into the magical world of the forest of Mavka of plants and animals from the Red Book of Ukraine. Animagrad animation studio (FILM.UA Group) is working on the creation of the animated film.

At the presentation, Miss Ukraine National Committee presented a video clip for Polina Tkach for Miss World 2017. As is known, the committee of Miss World contest pays great attention to the social programs that participants from each country will present during the Miss World contest. After winning Miss Ukraine 2017 Polina Tkach joined and takes an active part in the social program for the dissemination of mentoring with the support of Miss Ukraine National Committee. This is the National Project, which should help in several years to improve the statistics of successful socialization of children after their release from boarding schools. The signing of the memorandum on Mentoring with governors has already been successfully carried out in 7 regions.

Another unusual gift, which Polina Tkach carries to the international competition was the photo album of the famous Ukrainian artist Serhii Vasylkivsky, presented by Kiev publishing house Summit-Book.

Jewelry for Polina Tkach, Ksenia Chifa and Diana Mironenko are provided by the diamond partner of Miss Ukraine contest - the Geraldo Diamond Club from the Geraldo Jewelry brand. Polina Tkach's evening dress will be complemented by a luxurious set. A bracelet, earrings, a ring and a necklace weighing about 100 (!) Carat are made of white gold in round white diamonds with invisible barrettes. This set is very complicated in production and is a real piece of jewelry.

The official make-up partner - Iryna Khomyakova Makeup School provided the beauticians with a full set of necessary cosmetics at the contests.



Для Miss Ukraine International Ксении Чифы дизайнеры бренда Dominiss создали роскошный наряд под названием Butterfly Love. При пошиве платья применялась исключительно ручная работа - вышивка камнями, бисером и более 1000 летящих бабочек, порхающих на шлейфе длиной в 2,5 метра, которые кропотливо создавались опытными мастерами только вручную...