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Presentation of costumes for Leonilla Huz for Miss World 2018 contest

Miss Ukraine | Presentation of costumes for Leonilla Huz for Miss World 2018 contest

Presentation of costumes for Leonilla Huz for Miss World 2018 contest
Presentation of costumes for Leonilla Huz for Miss World 2018 contest

n November 1, 2018, a presentation of evening dress and everyday wardrobe for Miss World-2018 was held at the gourmet restaurant COIN of the family of Nikolay Tishchenko’s restaurants. Miss Ukraine-2018 by Leonil Guz will represent our country at the Miss World-2018 Final on December 8 in Sanya, China.


I met guests at the COIN restaurant. Executive Director of the Committee of the National Competition "Miss Ukraine" Victoria Kioso. She wished good luck and farewell on the road Leonile along with journalists and guests of the event - Oleg Lisogor, Vyacheslav Solomka, actor Yuriy Tkach, TV presenter Vladimir Ostapchuk, singer Anna Dobrydneva, singer Vadim Oleinik, Miss Ukraine 2016 Alexandra Kucherenko, Polina Tkach, Miss Ukraine Earth 2016 Alena Belova, Dasha Happy, Nikolai Tischenk, Farid Safarov, lead Ulyana Pchelkina, designers Yulia Aisina, Ekaterina Lukashik.

Also parting words on the road and practical tips for conquering the main crown of beauty shared:

- Anna Ponomarenko, editor of the magazine Marie Claire, stylist

- Farid Safarov, teacher of etiquette and diplomatic protocol, lecturer at the Etiquette School

- Irina Khomyakova, founder of the Make-Up School Irina Khomyakova, top makeup artist of the company INGLOT in Ukraine and Georgia.

Evening stage dress for “Miss Ukraine - 2018” by Leonila Guz was created by the Ukrainian brand Katherine Lukashyk, which has specialized in sewing exquisite dresses for many years. The outfit for the finals of the Miss World-2018 contest is called the “Crystal effect or brilliance of a diamond”. Designer Katerina Lukashik created radiance, tenderness and luxury in bright colors. Many argue that Ukrainian beauty is symbolized with the brilliance of crystals. In this dress merged the value of female beauty and brilliance of crystals. The basis of the dress is a corset skirt, on which the craftsmen spent about 500 hours of painstaking handmade work. The basis is a grid with the application of crystalline sequins and glitter, which glitter and shimmer when spotlights hit it. The base of the dress took 150 meters of the grid, 200 meters of fixing regina and more than 30 meters of the main shiny fabric. Due to the built-in frame, developed according to the patented technology of sewing corsets, the skirt has a clear flower shape and is not deformed when moving. With the help of such design tricks, the dress looks expressive and most impressive for particularly important events and scenes, it emphasizes charisma, charm and grace.

The decoration for the final stage dress in the evening dress was made by jewelry designer Elena Romanova (brand Helena Romanova). The crown is made of lace, crystal, beads, rhinestones in the author's technique.

Designer embroidered dress “Sialia” for the national costume competition was prepared by the Ukrainian TM Foberini. The pattern used elements of embroidery satin Novobasansky bench hammer of the Chernihiv region. The main symbol of embroidery is a rose - a symbol of purity, love, beauty and mercy. Pink color is a symbol of love, youth and romance. The embroidered belt with tassels complements the dress. The national image is completed by an exclusive wreath, which has become part of the national costume of the challenger for the title of Miss World 2018 from Ukraine - Leonila Guz. The wreath was created by the masters of the NAGOLOVY headwear rental service from designer Lesya Patoka. The accessory is made by hand and is a modern interpretation of the traditional festive Ukrainian wreath.

At the presentation, the Organizing Committee “Miss Ukraine” showed a video business card of Leonila Guz for the Miss World 2018 competition and a charity video that is traditionally created by all participants in the Miss World final. Also, MissUkraineInternational-2018 Bogdana Tarasik and MissUkraineEarth-2018 Anastasia Krivohizha recorded their parting words and video greetings by Leonile Guz, who are already preparing for the MissInternational-2018 finals in Tokyo, Japan and MissEarth-2018 on the Philippine Islands.