The winners of "Miss Ukraine 2016" visited Avdiivka adaptation Center Disabled "Overcoming"

Miss Ukraine | The winners of

Miss Ukraine 2016 Aleksandra Kucherenko, Miss Ukraine Earth 2016 Alyona Bielova, «II-nd Runner-up Miss Ukraine 2016 Valeria Shatska, 1-st Runner-up Miss Ukraine 2016 Darina Buyanova and CEO of Miss Ukraine National Committee Irina Kopanitsa visited the Center of adaptation of the disabled "Overcoming" in Avdiyivka and the big family Maryenko (6 children). The girls arrived to Avdiyivka with presents. For 30 children from the Center of adaptation of the disabled "Overcoming", they have prepared gifts, souvenirs and music players. Also they carried out inspection of the Center for the purpose of future improvement of living conditions. Children from the Center prepared for Miss Ukraine representatives small concert program with songs and dances. For Maryenko family girls have prepared the washing machine as a gift.

“It's a common international practice beauty contests to support the social and charity projects in order to attract public attention to this or that problem. When we received the invitation to visit the bordering to the ATO area city, among the girls, our winners - there was no doubting. We hope that this trip was an important life lesson, for the finalists,”- says Irina Kopanitsa about the project, the CEO of Miss Ukraine National Committee.

 “What could be worse than life in a war when people from your family suffer, when you lose faith in yourself and hope for the best? “I am disabled. I help my mother. I embroider, do needlework, and make wreaths. I put to that my soul in order them to be beautiful and give joy to people. I want you to do the same because, unlike me, you have all the opportunities to do so - health, money, success...”. These words the girl from the Center said to me. Together with the finalists we attended big family from Lastochkino village in order to support their children, do small holiday for them, present them gifts and motivate them to develop their talents. We also received from them a large share of positivity and inspiration. I really want the peace: in the state, in the family and the hearts of Ukrainians. To make everyone believe in themselves and fight for their own health and happy life!” - Miss Ukraine 2016 Alexandra Kucherenko shares her impressions of the trip. Her words supports Miss Ukraine Earth 2016 Alyona Bielova: “None of us is secured from disease or war. It is very sad when you face both of these heartrending misfortunes. But how pleasant it is when you see how strong and positive these people are! We wanted to bring them joy, and were presented with warmth, sincere smiles and warm hugs! I know that there is nothing impossible for those who believe. I wish all children from the Center Overcoming and all residents of Avdiyivka to be in good health and finally see the peaceful sky over their head!”

The idea of a charity visit to Avdiyivka belongs to the Director of Avdiyivka coking plant Musa Magomedov. “By inviting us the winners of Miss Ukraine beauty contest we would like to draw the attention of the whole society and all the Ukrainians to the problems of our people with disabilities and show that Avdiyivka is not forgotten frontline town, but a full-fledged city, living a full life”.