HANDMADE Independence

Miss Ukraine | HANDMADE Independence

HANDMADE Independence –  the celebration of Independence Day together with Miss Ukraine Contest participant, the Young Children Above All Project and the City Garden.

The children of ATO participants and internally displaced persons, together with Kyiv residents and Miss Ukraine contestants, held an open lesson of rainbow loom bracelet-making using multi-color rubber bands. All proceeds from their sale were transferred to the children of ATO participants and IDPs and used for the purchase of school stuff.

In the Independence Day celebration held at the Nebesnoyi Sotni (The Heavenly Hundred) Garden Square, the following contestants of the annual Miss Ukraine Beauty contest participated: Khrystyna Stoloka, Alina Ulyanytska, Maria Kovaliova, Kateryna Shubina, Yana Brylytska, Antonina Holovach, and Oleksandra Novytska. The topic of people uniting for peace is close to their hearts, because they are genuine Ukrainians and soon one of them will get to represent Ukraine at the Miss World Competition! With a heartfelt conviction that Beauty will Save the World, our beautiful young ladies eagerly dedicated a day in their lives to a noble cause.

Free workshops were offered to adults and children, namely magnet decoration under the acrylic stained-glass technique, the creation of “vegetable paintings”, as well as music and photo sessions in a specially decorated space. The garden square also hosted a photo exhibition of the photo artist Olena Saponova’s works dedicated to the Heavenly Hundred Garden Square.