Charity projects of applicants of "Miss Ukraine 2016"

Miss Ukraine | Charity projects of applicants of

The main mission of Miss Ukraine National beauty contest is charity initiatives and an active social position of the committee and all participants of the contest. During the preparation for "Miss Ukraine-2016", each of the 50 applicants prepared their charity project, affecting the most important social and environmental problems of humanity. The scale and serious professional approach of each of the initiative incredibly impressed us! Social support for elderly people, the creation of electric vehicles for people with disabilities, saving lives and preserving the environment, creation of medical and social rehabilitation center for children and youth with disabilities, assistance to families of migrants with social and psychological adaptation, helping children-orphans, children from poor and disadvantaged families, construction of specialized playgrounds and facilities for children with disabilities - and this is just a partial list of charitable initiatives that applicants decided to patronize.

The girls had very responsible attitude to these projects, while involving local authorities and sponsors. On behalf of Miss Ukraine National Committee, we want to thank each of our beauty-contestant for the implementation of the charity initiative with the open heart and sincere and creative approach to it! Who, if not the most beautiful girls of Ukraine, are able to inspire and do good deeds!