Miss Ukraine | BACKSTAGE POOL PARTY with Miss Ukraine

Saturday, July 8, the first presentation of Miss Ukraine 2017 candidates and "BACKSTAGE POOL PARTY with Miss Ukraine" was held in the hospitable complex KNZS Koncha-Zaspa Central Park. After a series of several-month castings that were held throughout Ukraine, Miss Ukraine National Committee presented first 13 candidates who passed the castings.

The event was called "BACKSTAGE POOL PARTY with Miss Ukraine". Despite the mild summer weather and a cool swimming pool, the candidates were plunged into the behind-the-scenes life of the contest. Right next to the pool there were tables for applying makeup and hair styling. Make-up – for an hour and a half, as much for styling hair and then, without giving a rest, photographers appear for the shootings of production photosessions. "Smile", "A little to the left" – a whole team of photographers and cameramen tirelessly looking for the perfect camera angles and successful shots. Within the framework of the presentation, advertising shooting of the swimsuit of Look At My brand took place.

Miss Ukraine National Committee instructed future contestants how to prepare for tricky questions from the jury members of the contest, what diet to observe, to stay in good body all the time and answer many other questions of girls. The first presentation of the candidates ended with a full-fledged fashion show of the Pigeon collection from Oksana Ostrovskaya designer.

"We organized BACKSTAGE POOL PARTY with Miss Ukraine in order to determine how the girls behave with photo- and video camera. The first 13 girls were invited to Kiev for a professional photo shoot and a full-fledged fashion show. We are trying to hold such events in public places, so that the girls learn how to properly stay in the public, and of course, the guests of the event could see the entire behind-the-scenes life of beauty contests and even taste it. This day the special menu was designed – "Menu of the Miss" - says Executive Director of Miss Ukraine National Committee Irina Kopanitsa, summing up the results of the event. Within the next few months, Miss Ukraine National Committee will publicly present all 50 applicants for participation in Miss Ukraine-2017 Contest.