The story of Tarasyuk Vadim

The story of twelve years old Vadim from Rivne region is very touching. Together with mother, three brothers and little sister Tarasyuk Vadim lives in Dyuksin village (Kostopilskiy district) in the small wooden house. Mother brings up five children alone, while managing to work the a nurse in regional Rivne Children's Hospital for the minimum salary. His father left the family five years ago, and all the care of children lay on the shoulders of the mother.

Two years ago doctors identified that Vadim has congenital heart disease. Diagnose is Open pulmonary flow that requires urgent surgical intervention. The disease is in a state of neglect may contribute to cardiac and respiratory failure, which may lead to serious consequences. Vadim studies at 7th class, is fond of horses and always helps mother with the housework. He is very obedient and kind boy.

The surgery was successfully carried out in December 23, 2016. Vadim was dismissed on 26th of December.