The story of Olia Kalinichenko

The story of little Olia could not leave us indifferent. Her mother Lyudmila brings up two children on her own. Luda works as a waitress in a rural cafe in Kirovograd region.

Olechka was born with a heart disease and has always demanded extremely careful and cautious care. Since her birth Olia has been a patient at the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. She was diagnosed with a significant hypoplasia of the right pulmonary artery. She needs an urgent operation on the right branch stenting LA using endovascular method. The cost of consumables for the operation is 119 000 UAH.

Olia’s mother gives her daughter a lot of attention as she is extremely worried. Anything can happen any moment. The child can just get upset, worried or cry.

Lyudmila feels very uncomfortable to ask for help on her own. She works hard and tries to save every penny for the surgery. But we understand how long it can take to raise money for such an expensive treatment. 1600 UAH per month must be enough for growing and feeding both kids, buying clothes, developing children, doing everything in order to give them happy childhood. All that Lyudmila is dreaming of is her child’s health, a chance for life and happy future. But time is passing.

The operation was executed in July 2016.