The story of Nasalsky Maxim

13-years-old Maksym Nasalskyi was consulted at Heart Institute, headed by Boris Todurov on December 21, 2016. Maksym was diagnosed with congenital heart disease - atrial septal defect of central part. Maksym urgently need to hold endovascular closure of the defect with occluder Figulla Flex II ASD. The cost of the materials is UAH 98 000.

Maxim has a twin sister Anastasia, disabled since childhood. Their mother does not work, and looks after the sister, receiving state allowance for a disabled child. Their father has seasonal work during the warm season, and he is unemployed in the winter. The family income is very small and it is too difficult to raise money for a heart implant by themselves.

We received the request from Maxim’s mother to assist in raising funds for the purchase of expensive consumables for her son. Here is her letter:

“Dear Sirs!

We ask all people who can to help our family in this difficult situation. Our family consists of four people. We live in the village, not far from the city. In 2004, I gave birth to 8-months twins: a boy and a girl with a weight of 2.250 and 2.350 grams. The girl immediately fell behind in mental development. In 2014, school local doctor diagnosed some heart murmur and sent Maxim for examination. The congenital heart defect was diagnosed. We were sent to the Clinic and lay 2 weeks without any surgery. After a while we visited the doctor from the Heart Institute in Vinnitsa, and we went again to Kiev. They advised us to look for the charity fund. Nobody wanted to help. They said that you can live with this pathology, there are a lot of sick children. My husband has seasonal work. Earnings are from UAH 3 to 4 thousand per month. I take care of the disabled daughter. I need to go with her to the city to a special school every day. I receive assistance from the state in amount of UAH 1700. With this income we can not raise such a huge sum for the surgery. We are asking you to help us! We would be grateful for any help. Regards from Maxim’s mother Natasha and father Vasiliy.”

Now the situation is becoming more critical. Together we can help make the life of one child happy. Every hryvnia may be crucial in saving the little life. We ask all people with a generous and good heart help to save the heart of Maxim!

We know that you have a big heart and part of your kindness will accompany the girl all her life which is sure to be very long and very happy!

Children mustn’t die from curable diseases!

The operation was successful Viconan, Maxim is absolutely healthy!