The story of Maria Zinyuk

At seventeen, life is perceived as an endless series of events and is not at all believed that it can suddenly end. At this age, I want to dream and strive to translate these plans into reality! I want to love and hope for the best!

Optimistic and cheerful Zinyuk Maria is a vivid example. Only now the thought that life is extremely fragile and fleeting, comes to her mind more often than it should be at her age. This is due to the deteriorating state of the heart. Mary lives in the Volyn region Starovyzhevsky district of the village Krimnoe.

In July 2017, Maria was consulted by specialists of the Heart Institute, who diagnosed her with the open arterial duct and heart failure stage I.

This duct is a short vessel connecting the descending aorta with the pulmonary artery. It is vital for the child during fetal development and, as a rule, closes on its own several hours or days after the newborn takes the first breath. But Mary, alas, did not happen. Her heart is forced to systematically work with the additional load that this defect causes. If nothing is done, the state will only worsen and, ultimately, lead to disastrous consequences.

Mary was shown an emergency operation, which gave the young girl the life of an absolutely healthy person. Endovascular closure of the open aortic duct with the Nit Occlud PDA system cost 60,562 UAH.

This is an absolutely unaffordable amount for a large family of Marina, in which she is the youngest of six children. The care and financial support of the family rests entirely on the shoulders of Maria’s mother, Lyudmila Antonovna Zinyuk, the heroine mother (raising six children), a pensioner who continues to work as a mathematics teacher in a local school (for the twenty-ninth year).

Maria herself, after completing nine classes of school, entered a culinary school, hoping to become a skilled chef, because, as the girl herself writes:

“The kitchen is my favorite place in the morning. Ale, my vada, is a good time for noblemen, we don’t give ourselves to me, but I’m not happy, but I’m just glad to see us”.

Together with you, we were able to help a young cheerful girl to gain an incomparable feeling of happiness from confidence in the future! To make a miracle under the power of each of us!

The operation was successfully completed, Maria is absolutely healthy!