The story of Fedoruk Oleksandra

March 24, 2017 the team of specialists from Heart Institute, headed by Boris Todurov, in Rovno consulted sixteen-year girl Fedoruk Oleksandra from Babin village district (Rivne region). Oleksandra was diagnosed with congenital heart disease - an open arterial duct.

Oleksandra, together with her mother and two younger sisters live in a private house in Babin village. Their father does not live with his family, he does not officially pay alimony for children, but helps sometimes, buying some clothes and shoes for children. Their mother Irina works as an embroiderer at home. She has no official employment. It is impossible for her to raise money for a heart implant for the eldest daughter.

Correction of congenital malformation for Oleksandra requires an urgent decision, since the girl is already 16 years old and there is already an initial pulmonary hypertension. The consequences of this diagnosis are extremely difficult. Oleksandra needs an urgent endovascular closure of the defect with a spiral set of Nit-Occlud PDA, the cost of which is UAH 60 562.

Oleksandra’s mother asked us to help in raising funds for expensive supplies for her daughter. The girl wrote about herself the following:


My name is Oleksandra. I am 16. I study at school. My hobby is to make beads or paint. I like to spend my free time with friends or riding a bicycle. I like cars, fishing, football. I also love my sisters, they are the best. I love my parents who are trying to do everything to make me happy. But they do not realize that I am happy because they are healthy unlike me.».

We ask all people with a generous and good heart help to save Oleksandra’s heart!

We know that you have a big heart and part of your kindness will accompany the girl all her life which is sure to be very long and very happy!

Children mustn’t die from curable diseases!

The operation was successfully completed, Alesandra is absolutely healthy!