“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the faith in her being beautiful.”

We must always remember about beauty that surrounds us and inspires us towards feats and achievements. Since time immemorial, Ukraine was famous for the beauty of its women, to whom poems and songs were devoted, for whom architectural and art monuments were erected. Throughout centuries, Ukrainian women, preserving peace, glorified their land, became queens of other states. Legendary historical figures lost their heads over the beauty, wisdom, and affection of great Ukrainian women.

As far back as in post-war Europe, the need for beauty and its evaluation emerged.

Thus, in 1947, the official competition of Miss Europe was established. The International Committee management developed an idea of setting up in all European countries special representative offices bestowed with powers to select Country Misses and send them to further participate in the Miss Europe Competition.

As early as 1953, Miss World Directorate was established. And a few years later, the same was created for Miss Universe.

Beauties from all lands and peoples were granted the opportunity to represent their nations in the international arena.

It is then that rules of participation in beauty contests of such scale emerged; they are effective to this day.

The following persons are admitted as participants of Miss Ukraine National Contest:

  • citizens of Ukraine, regardless of skin color, ethnic background, faith, representing all regions of the country’s national territory;
  • participants’ age limit is from 17 to 25 years old as of the date on which the contest is held;
  • young ladies who have never been married and don’t have children;
  • young ladies who previously presented their country in any other international beauty contest or were announced as participants in such a contest, are NOT ALLOWED to participate;
  • in the framework of the contest program, participants appear onstage in national costumes and evening dresses;
  • also, contestants must demonstrate the level of their intelligence and active social stance during a mini-interview and in their conduct throughout the entire contest period.

*requirements pursuant to Miss World International Competition license

In 1991, Ukraine became an independent member of federations conducting official beauty contests. There are three such federations: Miss World, Miss Universe, and Miss Europe. And the license to conduct international contests, the winners of which will represent Ukraine in the most prestigious beauty parades, was granted to the Miss Ukraine National Committee.

Over the years, Miss Ukraine winners have gained many titles on the world podiums. Ukrainian ladies managed to properly present their elegance, exquisiteness and beauty. And by that proving and demonstrating Ukrainian uniqueness.

Presently, Miss Ukraine National Committee conducts annual qualifying beauty contests (city and regional ones) virtually in all corners of our country. Committee representatives seek out the most beautiful girls of the country, who will later be able to partake in world contests on behalf of Ukraine.