About the contest

About the contest

Miss Ukraine National contest is the pride and heritage of our country. It is held annually since 1991 in Ukraine. This is the unique project, which has the exclusive right to represent the winners at the international pageants Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss International.

Over its 30-year history Miss Ukraine contest has become a launching pad for many of Ukrainian women who have reached success, due not only to win, but also to participation in it.

One of the main missions of Miss Ukraine National Committee is a respectable representation of the country and promotion of Ukraine all over the world. Our team works every day under the image of the contest, giving most of the time to charitable and social initiatives and cultural projects. Participants of Miss Ukraine beauty contest are the embodiment of the external and internal beauty and nobility. The jury takes into account the active social activities of girls, their hobbies and education while selecting the winners. Winners represent Ukraine at Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss International beauty pageants.

Miss World:

The biggest beauty contest that is held since 1951. TV audience is more than 200 countries. Participants from 120 countries of the world. The main mission of the contest is the charitable initiative «Beauty with a purpose».

Miss Earth:

One of the most prestigious beauty pageants in the world, that held under the auspices of UN. The pageant is a search for the most beautiful women of the Earth to serve as a role model dedicated to uphold the advocacy to preserve and restore Mother Earth. The contest is held in the Philippines. The winner becomes an ambassador of the UN Development Program on environment protection. The competition is attended by representatives from 90 countries.

Miss International:

The fourth largest beauty pageant in the world, which is held since 1960. Charitable mission of the competition is Peace on Earth, help to children from poor families all over the world (through UNICEF programs and other organizations). The contest is held in Japan. The competition is attended by representatives from 90 countries.


Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the faith in her being beautiful

We must always remember about beauty that surrounds us and inspires us towards feats and achievements. Since time immemorial, Ukraine was famous for the beauty of its women, to whom poems and songs were devoted, for whom architectural and art monuments were erected. Throughout centuries, Ukrainian women, preserving peace, glorified their land, became queens of other states. Legendary historical figures lost their heads over the beauty, wisdom, and affection of great Ukrainian women.

As far back as in post-war Europe, the need for beauty and its evaluation emerged. Thus, in 1947, the official competition of Miss Europe was established.

As early as 1953, Miss World Directorate was established. And a few years later, the same was created for Miss Universe. Beauties from all lands and peoples were granted the opportunity to represent their nations in the international arena.

In 1991, Ukraine became an independent member of federations conducting official beauty contests. There are three such federations: Miss World, Miss Universe, and Miss Europe.

Over the years, Miss Ukraine winners have gained many titles on the world podiums. Ukrainian ladies managed to properly present their elegance, exquisiteness and beauty. And by that proving and demonstrating Ukrainian uniqueness.


Johan <span>Nilson</span>

Johan Nilson

Jacob <span>Arabo</span>

Jacob Arabo

Simon <span>Pury</span>

Simon Pury

Tina <span>Karol</span>

Tina Karol

Alec <span>Monopoly</span>

Alec Monopoly

Cindy <span>Bruna</span>

Cindy Bruna

Andre <span>Tan</span>

Andre Tan

Sonia <span>Plakydiuk</span>

Sonia Plakydiuk

Irina <span>Tatarenko</span>

Irina Tatarenko

Veronika <span>Shchiptsova</span>

Veronika Shchiptsova